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Red Snakeskin Shoes

...Ronnie and I always tried to meet at his house before each gig with enough time to play the guitar; for me to have a guitar lesson.  Sometimes I'd ask Ronnie how he did certain things in songs, and sometimes he'd have things he wanted to show me.  Hours later, during the show, Ronnie and I would make eye contact, and then he'd do one of the things we had discussed in his living room.  It was a complete education; he'd show me how to technically execute something, and a few hours later, how to artistically use that thing...  Ronnie showed me how to turn guitar playing into music.  I could not have dreamed of a better education.

The Son House Ingredient

...The Son House ingredient is not about technique, but about what you use it for.  It is not about the notes you play, but what you say with them.  The Son House Ingredient is what makes music gripping, emotional, and important to the human spirit and soul.  In my mind, the Son House Ingredient is the heart and soul of blues music.  Rather than use more flowery adjectives to describe this (perhaps) intangible thing, let me explain how it is embodied in Son’s music, and the easiest way to do that is to begin with the man himself...

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